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Molten Core Boost On BoostBay.com – Still Hot

This is it, folks! We hope you’ve got Molten Core Boost orders, or raid groups settled because things are getting Magmadar level hot!

Please don’t judge us.

Anyway, it’s the blazing cradle of the entire WoW raiding scene, and it’s relentlessly brutal. First of all, you had to get access to the place. There were two options. You either had to brave the attunement quest chain or find a raid portal in Blackrock Depths. The smart people, like our customer, usually choose the “Ritual of Summoning” Warlock Taxi Service.

The best trick was that you couldn’t even get Ragnaros to spawn if you didn’t know that you need to snuff out seven runes of warding… But everyone probably already knows that. How surprising!

But the difficulty remains! So, if you seek to enter without a quest, find people who know how to deal with runes and kill all the bosses – come see what we have at BoostBay.com.

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